Greek Passenger Locator Form

What is the Greek Passenger Locator Form

The Greek Passenger Locator Form is an online health and travel declaration that requires foreign travellers to register their visit to Greece and provide basic personal, travel, and contact information.

Greek PLFs operate in an entirely online system, which makes accessing and completing them as easy as possible.

Travellers planning to visit Greece must fill out and submit their Greek Passenger Locator Forms online 24 hours of the planned arrival (at the latest). Submitting the Greek PLF must be done within Greek time zone (24 hours of arrival in Greek time).

Completed forms ensure the Greek health authorities that incoming visitors do not pose a threat to the general public’s health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

greece plf form

Who needs to complete the Greek PLF

Every traveller must complete the Greek PLF before departing to Greece since the filled out forms and the confirmation of doing so (a QR code) is checked by appropriate authorities upon arrival.

PLFs make travelling during the pandemic possible, allowing the authorities of foreign countries to contact travellers who may have gotten infected while reaching the country; therefore, keeping the Covid situation under control.

When should I fill out my Greek PLF

The Greek PLF must be filled out maximally up until 24 hours of the intended time of arrival in Greece, counted in Greek time.

Take into account the differences in time zones when completing and submitting your Passenger Locator Form for Greece online.

Useful tip: Complete your Greek PLF as soon as you have all the essential details about your upcoming trip to Greece (e.g., a flight number) to avoid additional stress connected with completing the form on time.

PLF Greece


How to fill out the Greek PLF online

As long as you have all the essential details of your planned trip to Greece (flight details, date and time of arrival, address for the stay), start completing the form online by:

  1. Providing the required data (personal details, passport/ID information, travel details, emergency contact information, Covid-19-travel- related details)
  2. Checking the given information for any possible mistakes, misspellings, or missing details
  3. Covering the service fee
  4. Submitting your form

Give yourself about 15 minutes to complete the form thoroughly and make sure your PLF is free from any errors before submitting it for approval.

greece plf form

After applying

After applying, the Greek authorities will start processing your form and the data you have provided.

Next, a unique QR code along with a PDF confirmation of completing the Greek PLF will be issued for each traveller who has submitted their form online. The confirmations and QR codes are delivered to travellers via email.

You can then download the received document and either save it in an electronic form to your phone or print it out and present your confirmation and QR code in paper form upon arrival.

Border authorities in Greece will be checking if each traveller has their own PLF completed, scan the received by travellers QR codes, and may perform random health screenings and Covid-19 tests upon arrival.

Travellers who are selected for testing will receive the results of their tests via a text message or can check their result directly on the official Greek Government website.