Passenger Locator Form

Passenger Locator Form is an online health declaration that helps travellers in registering their data before any trip abroad. PLFs have now been implemented by dozens of countries aiming to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases and act as an additional safety layer.

Completing a Passenger Locator Form online is in most cases now mandatory since the governments of foreign countries can keep track of the current Covid-19 situation within their territory better.

Passenger Locator Forms may come under different names, such as the Check-MIG form, ArriveCAN, or Health Visa, but all are very similar in terms of the information needed to be provided.

Travellers must enter their basic personal and contact details, provide essential details of their planned trip abroad, and answer a few health-related questions.

PLFs are available online while the confirmation of their completion arrives to each traveller via email in PDF form. The PDF confirmation will also contain a QR code (for most countries) that will be checked when crossing the border or boarding the aircraft in one’s home country.

Complete your Passenger Locator Form online within minutes from home and travel during the Covid-19 pandemic well-prepared.

Travel destinations:

Requirements for Passenger Locator Forms

Most countries require travellers to provide the following information into their online Passenger Locator Forms:

  • Personal Data (such as one’s name, surname, date of birth, address)
  • Contact Details (usually simply a phone number and email address)
  • Travel Information (flight/ship/train number, airline name, date and time of arrival, address for the stay, etc.)
  • Travel History (countries visited within the last couple of days)
  • Health Status (current health status and sometimes a vaccination status or test results)
  • Emergency Contact Information (personal and contact details of a person that can be reached during your stay abroad)

Technical Requirements:

  • Any working device (laptop/phone/PC/tablet)
  • An active email address
  • An internet connection


When should I complete my Passenger Locator Form?

The time period in which a Passenger Locator Form should be completed differs depending on the country you have selected.

Some countries, like Canada, require travellers to complete their Passenger Locator Forms within 72 hours of their planned arrival.

Other countries, require sticking to a 48-hour or even a 24-hour time period in which one’s online health declaration should be completed.

Always fill out your Passenger Locator Form within the specified time frame and do not complete the form earlier if stipulated.

Keeping the information up-to-date ensures that the government of the country you plan on visiting will find your details relevant and will allow you to enter without any issues.

How will I receive my Passenger Locator Form?

The completed Passenger Locator Forms, the confirmation of their completion, and, in most cases, QR codes, arrive to travellers via email.

The email you’ll receive should contain:

  • A PDF confirmation of completing the selected Passenger Locator Form
  • A QR code for the country you’ll be visiting (if the country selected does issue QR codes for travellers)


It’s best to print out the received confirmation in addition to its electronic copy to ensure you’ll be able to present this document to border or airport officials upon arrival or even upon boarding the plane.